Plywood consists of layers of think wood veneers glued in the opposite direction under a certain amount of pressure. This panelling product made using the process of cross lamination offers excellent resistance, strength & sturdiness. At Designer’s Elements, we offer a well-seasoned plywood collection procured from the choicest suppliers to provide moisture-resistant and durable plywood products.

  • Granite Ply

  • Pristine Marine Plywood (710 Grade)

  • Starclub Burmese Gurjan Marine

  • Green Club 500 (710 Grade)

  • Russian Birch Marine Plywood


We envision the most elegant and decorative veneer sheets for spaces of different kinds of interior styles. At Designer’s Elements, we deal with veneer sheet suppliers and producers who offer premium veneer sheets made from the highest quality of wood. We are the certified distributors of the Green Ply Woodcrest & Spice wood.

We Deal in the handpicked collection of natural veneer from the Europian and American market.

At Designer’s Elements, we supply a multitude of veneer varieties as follows ;

  • Natural Variety

  • Smoked Veneer

  • Metallic Veneer

  • Dyed Veneer

  • Exotic Veneer


At Designer’s Elements, we supply a wide range of wall covering from the chic, ethic atmosphere to elegant European decor or your child’s favourite cartoon show character. We promise attractive and transformative wall covering solutions that will make you want to stay home.

We supply and arrange installation service also.

  • Geometric Style

  • Floral Style

  • Metallic style

  • Abstract Style


Your flooring can make a significant impact on how your space looks. Different rooms require different floorings that complement well with how you want your spaces to look and feel like. We can transform your flooring with a wide range of modern, elegant, contemporary and even fun-loving styles at Designer’s Elements. At Designer’s Elements, we offer a variety of laminate woods to suit your idea of the perfect flooring design!

  • Laminated Flooring

  • Solid Wood Flooring

  • Engineered Wood Flooring

  • PVC Flooring

  • Vinyl Flooring


For every space and its potential of conveying a unique expression, we have a multitude of finishes and surfaces to choose from. You can design beautiful units and create unique spaces from our wide range of premium finishes at Designer’s Elements. From classic laminates, performance laminates to special laminates, we have a great variety at display at out Veneer Studio. Popularly used laminates include Normal Laminates, Solid Wood Laminates, Acrylic Laminates, Rehau Rauvisio Crystal – Acrylic sheet, Liner (Inside Inner Laminate).

  • Normal Laminates

  • PVC/PETG Laminates

  • Acrylic Laminates

  • Liner Laminates


Designer’s Elements also offers a fabulous collection of creative & designer home products that work in perfect harmony and provide intelligent functionality. Explore our collection of designer interior products and accessories to add a remarkable value to your home interiors.

  • Magvee 8 & 10 Feet Panel

  • Nordic 9 Feet Panel

  • Slat Charcoal Panel Polyster